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Organic content may be reigning the age of marketing, but Search Engine Marketing (SEM) stills takes the notch over other outdated and new trends.

Our social media experts can help give you a boost in content marketing campaigns. With driven strategies and a knack for delivering perfection, we can give you the best in transparent pricing.

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AdWords Management

Let us sign up for local ads and let us do the talking through ads...

Pay Per Click Ads (PPC)

Take a position number 1 rank on Google’s rankings page...

YouTube Advertising

Put your business to good use through YouTube advertising...  

Google Display Ads

Get the most of your work done through Google Display Ads...


Learn more about Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is another form of PPC advertising that only promotes your content in exchange for money. The publishers pays a nominal amount of fee every time a user clicks on the paid search result.

As a result, it adds value to your business. SEM, to this date, still remains on the strongest paid strategies to drive online visibility.

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AdWords Management


AdWords are somehow different than PPC campaigns. There is no such bidding process involved in AdWords management. What happens is Google automatically determines which ad to post.

Numerous factors are taken into account, such as proximity to searcher’s location, complaints about the business, responsiveness, reviews, and business hours, etc.


Learn more about Pay Per Click Ads (PPC)

A lot of technical sciences goes on behind running a PPC campaign or ad. For instance, quality score is taken into account, page’s relevance is monitored, past Ad performance is considered, and many other factors are involved.

However, the sum of it, as a result, is the Ad rank. The Ad with the highest rank ends up in the ranking of Google’s top ads.

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YouTube Advertising


We, at Global Marketing Solution, refine your target audience according to your liking and then develop a perfect strategy to implement YouTube advertising.

Several factors are taken into account, such as content creation, distribution, analytics, and other major elements that YouTube considers.

Developing your ads

Learn more about Google Display Ads

Stats suggest that 65% of the users click on the ads while purchasing something. It should be reason enough why you should opt for google display ads.

At Global Marketing Solution, we put your brand in front and make the most out of it through comprehensive and inexplicable services.

Our Ads Management Process


We have a knack for delivering perfection by following a strict waterfall process. Take a look at our stepwise procedure for handling the ads management process



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